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Rasi Sign

The zodiac sign in which your Moon is placed at the time of your birth is called your Rasi according to Vedic astrology. Your Rasi indicates part of your nature, attitude and looks. Similarly the sign in which your Lagna or ascendant is placed and the sign in which your sun is placed, popularly called sun sign, also reflect the sign qualities. Hence a person may reflect the qualities of more than one sign. However these are highly general indicators and can get partly or totally modified based on the overall planetary combinations in your birth chart.

The following are the general characteristics of people born in various signs - sun sign, rasi or lagna. Click on your sign.

If you don't know your Lagna or rasi use: Lagna Calculator    Rasi Calculator

Mesha or Aries Vrishabha or Taurus Mithuna or Gemini
Karka or Cancer Simha or Leo Kanya or Virgo
Tula or Libra Vrischika or Scorpio Dhanu or Sagittarius
Makara or Capricorn Kumbha or Aquarius Meena or Pisces
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