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STAR MATCH (Constellation)/ Dina Porutham or Nakshatra Porutham

It is the compatibility of the birth star of the bride & groom. This means the matching and coping tendency of the male & female together for life time. It also indicates one's fortune and prosperity factor.

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Star Matching  Value

GANAM: Three classified characters of individuals are listed being Deva (Divine), Manusha (Human) and Rakshasa (Demon). This denotes the compatibility of Man & Woman to have even level of Ganam that goes together. This shows the temperamental level of both gender.

MAHENDRAM: This indicates progeny and happiness together.

STHREE DHIRGAM: If this matches then the female counter part's well being will be of fine after marriage and for life time, i.e. longevity of relationship.

YONI: Compatibility of private organs of man and woman. The classified stars should not be of enemy's one. These yonis are symbolized that are of some animals grouping, such as Tiger, Cow, Rat, Elephant etc. This match is giving the desired level of satisfaction, sexual urge of nature, for the matched couples in their sexual life and physical satisfaction for both at par.

RASI: (Moon sign) - This is an indication of overall compatibility of the couples.

RASI ATHIPATHI: (Lord of the Moon sign): This denotes the finest relationship among groom & bride's parents & their family.

RAJJU: This is the most vital match that is the essence of all other matches. If this mismatches, even if all other 9 matches are found, then it should totally be rejected. It is an indication; the mismatched Rajju is most fatal to any one of the couples. Must be avoided if mismatch found in this particular aspect. This is the most important to any caste among Hindus, as it might be fatal to any one of the couple. It is an indicator of strength and weakness in married life.

NAADI: This is called of pulses of the stars match and classified into three groups viz. parsuva, Madhya & Samana naadi. This match is found then the woman counterpart will live long with her husband. This also physiological constitution and compatibility.

The magnetic control or amenability of the couple and the mutual attraction to each other is denoted if this match found.

Vedhai - Any possible challenges, doshas and afflictions, if any.

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